Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise Christmas Tree - Sponsored by Matt Gul PREC

Posted on Dec 23, 2020 in Community

This year, I proudly sponsored the Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise Christmas Tree:

A special thank you to Santa’s elves that were out yesterday to decorate the Christmas Tree - Make sure you stop by to see the tree; it’s in the 1300 block of Marine Drive at the Grosvenor Centre.

We’d like to say a special thanks to:

Matt Gul for sponsoring the t...

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Updating the Recognition Plaque of Sailors lost during the Battle of The Atlantic

Posted on Aug 13, 2020 in Community

It was great meeting today and collectively brainstorming how we can update the recognition plaque for the sailors lost at sea during the battle of the Atlantic.

Thank you to my friend, David Christopher, for joining and providing us with great suggestions to help us recognize the sailors and sharing his expertise to honor the sailors with a new and...

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Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise, Meeting with Mayor of West Vancouver Mary-Ann Booth

Posted on Apr 06, 2020 in Community

Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise President Matt Gul had his first virtual meeting this afternoon with Mary-Ann Booth, our Mayor of West Vancouver. Thank you everyone for your participation.

Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise President, Matt Gul, had a virtual meeting Mary-Ann Booth, the Mayor of West Vancouver. Our topic was what can West Va...

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First Vancouver community centre opens to protect homeless from COVID-19

Posted on Mar 26, 2020 in Community

Coal Harbour and Roundhouse community centres set up to house city’s most vulnerable

The Coal Harbour community centre located in downtown Vancouver, Coal Harbour has become the first of of many centres in the city to be used as a housing for homeless people who have been packed into shelters during the pandemic COVID-19 and are incapable of social...

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New Canadian Emergency Care Benefits due to COVID-19

Posted on Mar 20, 2020 in Community

Due to the recent global outbreak of COVID-19, Canada is creating emergency care for Canadians who are in need of help. The emergency care benefits consist of a $900 bi-weekly payment.

Although you do have to apply for these emergency care benefits, here is how. 

The application for the benefit will begin to be available in April 2020. It also require...

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Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise - Senior's Christmas Lunch 

Posted on Jan 03, 2020 in Community


100 invited seniors – the Seniors’ Centre does the invitations and provides transportation to assist the guests in getting to the lunch – The Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise provides the manpower and puts on the program – this is the 30th year the club...

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