July 2022

Canadian Housing Market Outlook to 2027 | Matt Gul | REMAX Masters

Posted on Jul 06, 2022

Interest rate increases at a reasonable schedule of four times a year would create a stable and more relaxed housing market over the next five years.

Current immigration policy is focused significantly on accepting new Canadians on the basis of their economic and social capital characteristics (i.e., education, French/English language skills, and pr...

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Douglas Todd: Metro Vancouver has 650 homes worth $10 million+. That's 13 times higher than 2010

Posted on Jul 03, 2022

The Lower Mainland in B.C. now has 650 homes worth over 10 million.

This increase is substantial. When compared to 2010, there are around 13 times more homes valued at over 10 million in the Lower Mainland. 

There was a significant increase in these homes from 2015-2018. For example, in 2014, in the City of Vancouver, there were 78 homes ranging from...

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