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Welcome to Selling a Home in West Vancouver with Matt Gul

Your West Vancouver home or West Vancouver investment property is usually one of your most valuable assets and I recognize that the decision to sell one of these is a big decision with many factors to consider, both logically and emotionally. I appreciate you considering entrusting this important task to me, and thank you for your time. This page is designed to help answer some of the more common questions about selling a home in Vancouver that may come up.
Building a Winning Relationship

Working with Matt Gul REALTOR®, someone who understands how to market your home is one of the key advantages of working with a real estate professional.

My Commitment To You

To execute my responsibilities in accordance with your instructions, including complete disclosure, loyalty, confidentiality and accountability in line with the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s Code of Ethics.
  • To Understand Your Requirements. Timeline, expected return, and important considerations.
  • To Research The Market. To understand your competition
  • To give Unbiased Assessments On The Value. By providing you comparative statistics on similar properties recently sold.
  • To Ensure Your Family’s Safety. I will review prudent safety precautions to ensure your valuables, including pets, are taken into consideration when the home is being viewed.
  • To Act As Your Consultant. Providing the right advice through experience and knowledge when receiving offers to purchase.
  • To Review Feedback. I will follow-up with emails and phone calls to all REALTORS who show the property. Feedback will be provided to you on a regular basis.
  • To Negotiate On Your Behalf. All offers will be presented to you promptly and negotiated with your best interest in mind Ensuring the best possible price and terms are in line with current market conditions and your objectives.
  • To Recommend Professional Service Providers. From Financial options to home-related services.
  • To Closing. Working beside you throughout the entire process, keeping you informed and knowledgeable about your commitments to time lines.
In short, I will provide you with comprehensive, high-quality seller’s service. After all, the buyer has their own representative working for their best interests — shouldn’t you have an expert on your side?

Your Commitment to Me

When working with clients to help market their home for sale it is important to me that we form a strong relationship with commitment and understanding. This will help Matt Gul maximize the opportunity for selling your home for the best price and I only ask that you:
  • Ensure that we take the time to prepare your home ready for sale.
  • Allow me to prepare a comprehensive marketing plan before we list your home for sale.
  • Ensure that I am able to access your property (at suitable times) to show to prospective buyers.
  • To be your known REALTOR® of choice.
  • To negotiate on your behalf with buyer’s agents.
  • To advise if my service level falls below your expectations.

Before we start, I ask my clients to review these considerations — as they make a significant difference in the success of this process:

As more buyers are being introduced to properties online, professional pictures and videos matter. Ensure your home has been properly de-cluttered and consider staging tips that will make the rooms appear larger.

Your home needs to be effectively marketed to the right home buyers - whether that is through advertising, social media, the Internet, or direct mail. It is important that your home is viewed by as many potential buyers as possible, in order to maximize the revenue return.

A home is likely to attract the most interest within the first two weeks it is listed. If the home is overpriced, buyers will move on. Be realistic when you set a sale price. Check out the competition and see what recent sales have been in the area.

You never know When a potential buyer will want to see your home. Having a comprehensive schedule of available viewing times can make all the difference.

It’s never easy hearing negative remarks about your home, but knowing is half the battle. Get feedback from your agent from potential buyers who ahem seen your home. The feedback provided could be helpful for the next showing.

Never forget the agent you choose is there for you. They are your number one ally. The right agent will guide you through the selling process and any answer questions you have. They have just as much invested in the sale of your home as you do. If they can demonstrate why they are the perfect agent for you, then hire them. Always trust your instincts.

  • I will provide you with a price range in which your home should be listed, based on the current market conditions. By providing relevant information, and helping you analyze and interpret it, you will be able to determine if now is the right time to sell your home or investment property.
  • The real estate market is always fluctuating both locally and abroad. As an RE/MAX Agent, I will be able to discuss the pros and cons of listing during varied market conditions. My goal is to be your “Trusted Advisor” for all of your real estate needs, now in the future.
  • The condition of your property will have a lot to do with the selling price and how quickly it will sell. IF there are minor repairs, or if professional staging is required I will be there to assist and offer my guidance and network.
  • Unlike the previous three factors, our main focus will be on the factor we can control — market exposure and negotiating offers. I want to get the most qualified buyers into your home, in the least amount of time, and with minimal inconvenience. My clients enjoy a comprehensive marketing plan, combined with tried and true techniques that will get their home noticed and sold in any market.

  1. Define Your Goals
  2. Select a REALTOR
  3. Price Your Property
  4. Prepare Your Home
  5. Market Your Home
  6. Show Your Home
  7. Ask For Feedback
  8. Negotiate the Offer
  9. Remove Subjects
  10. Close the Deal

Details Below 


Before you start to think about all the things that need to be done, take some time to figure out why you are selling and clearly define your goals. Everyone has different reasons. As you start to go through this process of discovery, focus on what is important to you and your family, as this will help streamline the process.
These are six important questions to ask yourself:
  • Is there a time line?
  • Are you relocating?
  • Are you looking for a bigger home or to downsize?
  • Looking for a different neighborhood? More city, more suburban?
  • Looking for different amenities?
  • Are financial considerations relevant?
5 Important Considerations
  • Do you understand the associated costs?
  • Is this the right time for you to sell?
  • What are the present market conditions and the implications to your sale?
  • Does your home’s equity give you an advantage?
  • What are the current mortgage interest rate options compared to your rate and commitment?
Recognize that every market is different and the selling process can be a sprint or a marathon - be prepared for both.


Deciding who represents you is the most important decision you will make in the home selling process. As an RE/MAX real estate representative. I am here to help you.
  • Set a competitive market price.
  • Advise you on how to showcase your home and highlight its best features.
  • Develop a professional and personalized marketing strategy.
  • Communicate with you regularly, and provide feedback on influences as they may impact the market value of your home.

  • Work with the industry’s most productive Buyer’s Agents.
  • Confirm each buyer has been pre-qualified prior to viewing your home.
  • Advise you on the merits of the offers submitted.
  • Represent your best interests at all times and keep your goals in full view.
  • Send all documents out on time
  • Deliver the keys to the buyers after the title has transferred and funds are ready to be issued by your lawyer or notary.
  • Follow-up with any loose ends prior to and after moving day.
  • Provide you with helpful tips on moving that can make the day go smoother.

The first thing buyers want to know is the price. With that in mind, we need to ensure that your property is on the market for a price that will attract buyers but will still provide you with a good return.

Deciding on the true market value is where my expertise will come into play. Regardless of its original price, or even the improvements you’ve made over the years, the market value is based on what buyers are paying at the time your home is on the market. 

The rule of thumb is that buyers look at about twelve properties before they make an offer. This will give them a great idea of whether or not your property is well priced.
If it’s priced too high, you’ve just lost a potential buyer. If the home has been priced too high and later you lower the price, they may wonder what is wrong with your home. Pricing your home reasonably the first time is critical to attracting the right buyer at the right time.


Begin this process with one simple idea “This is not my home; it is a house.” For this Seller’s Guide, I have broken down this process into three levels. Discuss with your REALTOR what level is required to get the most value for your home.

  • Declutter
  • De-personalize
  • Deep clean

  • Paint the walls neutral colours
  • Change room decorations and themes
  • Minor repairs as needed

  • Major renovations
  • Finish the basement
  • Other repairs

Helpful tips:
  • Think of this process as a head start to packing.
  • Even though some repairs seem minor, they can become a major factor in determining whether the buyer will actually buy.
  • Pay particular attention to rooms that smell - odors are a complete turn-off.
  • Don’t forget about the outside - this is the first impression.
  • Scrutinize the home. If you were a buyer would you want to buy this home? You have lived here and you know all the pros and cons. Highlight the pros and help eliminate the cons.
  • I will also provide you with access to RE/MAX exclusive “Are You Fit to Sell” videos and checklists to help get the home ready for the market.
A sophisticated and professionally prepared marketing plan is essential to maximizing exposure; it needs to be a carefully prepared and strategically implemented.
  • Yard Signs and Directionals
  • Marketing Collateral For Your Home
  • Public and Private Showings
  • Local Advertisements
  • Networking and Referrals
  • Virtual Tours through Online Video Marketing
  • Web Exposure

Professional promotional materials that are directly mailed are one of the most powerful ways to spread the message that your home is for sale. Your neighbours will be first to tell their friends and family about your home - they already love their community and are your biggest advocates!

With nearly 90% of home buyers beginning their search on the Internet, you will want to ensure that your home will receive maximum Online exposure. As part of my marketing plan, your home will receive unparalleled exposure among consumers and real estate professionals across the globe.


Seller's place a lot of pressure on themselves when showing their property. Here are a few things to keep in mind to generate the best first impression and increase your chances of receiving those all-important offers.
  • Let Your Agent Handle It
  • Be Flexible
  • Quick Clean
  • Climate Control
  • Animal Care
  • Light the Way
  • Communicate with your REALTOR

TIP: Keep a box for personal items, when not in use keep them in a closet or drawer.
The “Show Home”  Ready Checklist

  • Make the beds
  • Grab a basket/box and throw all personal items of clutter in there and put it in the back of your car
  • Empty all the garbage
  • Make sure the bathroom towels are clean, straightened, and they match
  • Put down all the lids to the toilet
  • Wipe down all counter tops and sinks
  • Turn on all lights in the house
  • Make sure the house temperature is comfortable
  • Make sure the home smells good

  • Do everything on the ten-minute list, PLUS
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Sweep all surfaces
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Give the toilets a good clean and wipe down
  • Clear kitchen counters and wipe down
  • Laundry should be clean and put away
  • Sweep the front doorway and shake out the mat.

It is important to hear feedback on your property, whether its good, bad or ugly. The information provided could be helpful for the next showing. Following an open house or buyer showing, talk with your REALTOR to measure your home’s reception and consider recommendations. the next showing. Following an open house or buyer, talk with your REALTOR to measure your home’s reception and consider recommendations.
  • Are you getting a steady stream of people to Open Houses, Brokers Opens and Caravans? What is the typical
  • the number of comparable homes?
  • Find out what feedback was given to your REALTOR. Use this feedback to enhance your home’s presentation for future showings. Your REALTOR may have some ideas on how to spruce up your home’s presentation factor.
  • Could your home use an incentive to entice more buyers to come for a look?
  • What other marketing strategies does your REALTOR suggest to attract more buyers?
  • It is important to keep things in perspective following an open house or a buyer showing. Remember that home shoppers need time to process what they have seen and maybe time to look around at other homes before making such a big decision.
  • Be patient. Be open to feedback and continue to maintain an open dialogue with your REALTOR.

The most complex moment in the sales process is when you get an offer on the home. There are many components to an offer and your REALTOR will explain the entire process so you are comfortable with all the steps involved
There are two types of offers. An offer with or without conditions: an offer without conditions is known as a firm or subject-free offer, and one with conditions is known as a conditional or subject offer.
You can reject or accept the initial offer. If you agree to some points of the offer but not others then you would submit a counter offer. Offers can be countered back and forth between the parties until one of you accepts or rejects, ending the negotiations altogether.

Counter offers are generated by the seller after a buyer has submitted an offer to purchase. Typically, counter offers will state the seller has accepted the buyer’s offer subject to particulars such as:
  • Higher price (if buyer’s offer doesn’t match sale price)
  • Increase the amount of the deposit
  • Refusal to pay for certain reports or fees
  • Altering closing and/or possession dates
  • Modifying the contingency time frames
  • Excluding personal property

Counter offers can go back and forth several times. Just remember time is of the essence. Counter offers contain expirations, which means you as the seller can accept another offer while the buyer decides if they will sign the counter offer.


Once both parties accept the sales contract and its subjects, they will start to work towards removing these conditions within a specific time frame.
Your REALTOR will advise you on what subjects can be removed based on the results once the appropriate due diligence has been completed. Ideally, both parties should have been able to negotiate a reasonable time to remove these conditions.
An experienced REALTOR will be able to advise you on the right course of action should the subjects not be removed by its due date.


Once all subjects have been removed the sale is considered final.
The final documents will be sent to your lawyer/notary to prepare the necessary documentation pertaining to the sale of your home. Your lawyer/notary will forward these important documents to the buyer’s lawyer/notary for final execution.
Your lawyer/notary will arrange with the buyer’s lawyer/notary to pick up funds and then you will be notified that the sale is complete. Your REALTOR will contact you to handle any further requirements, such as transferring the keys to the new owner. Understanding your fees
In order to provide the best service and exceed expectations, I feel it is important to explain how the commission you pay on the sale of your home is apportioned to the various parties involved.
As your REALTOR, I invest both time and money upfront into selling your home. I’m not paid a salary and only get paid when your transaction is closed and the title of the home is transferred. When a brokerage fee is earned, it is shared between the real estate companies involved in the transaction.


Not Hiring a Professional - You need the expertise of a REALTOR. Sellers who try to sell the home themselves take longer to sell and for far less.

Not Pricing The Home Correctly - Overpricing or underpricing can be a costly mistake. It’s critical to know the market and review comparable to know what price your home needs to be set at to sell.

Neglecting Necessary Repairs - It will always cost you less out of pocket to fix things ahead of time rather than having buyers request that you fix it through their vendor of choice.

Not De-cluttering - One of the least expensive improvements you can make to your home is to de-clutter and create a sense of space throughout the home.

Getting in the Way of Negotiating - Too many sellers take negotiating personally and lose out on creating a win-win deal.

Failing to Complete a Full Set of Disclosures Prior to Closing - Be upfront about any of your home’s issues this will save you money and time.

Overlooking Fees and Extra Expenses - Request a list of fees and expenses before closing. Review these with your realtor and discuss them ahead of time.

Not Hiring a Professional Photographer - More than 90% of all buyers start their home search online so make sure you leave a great first impression

Not Trusting or Communicating with Your REALTOR - They are your biggest ally. Trust them to guide you through this process. Be open and honest as you can and allow them to do their job.

“Selling your home does not mean you leave your memories behind… but rather a journey through which you must travel, so let me be your guide."


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