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When Canada is brought up in a conversation, within people that have never lived there, all they think about is either Toronto or Vancouver. And there is a reason behind this, these two cities are marvelous, however, this is all about West Vancouver. The greatest part of all of Vancouver.

First, off I should acknowledge that West Vancouver is on the traditional and unceded territories of the Coast Salish, in particular, the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam First Nations. It is important to remember that the land that we live on was not always ours. And we should always show gratitude for this.

West Vancouver is easily one of the nicest and most expensive cities in North America, let alone Canada. West Vancouver is the most affluent place in all of Canada as of 2019. The average household net worth is at a staggering $4.5 million. The median household income is $107,000. And holds an average housing price of $2.8 million. These are the statistics that rank it number one in Canada, in terms of being the most expensive city in the Country. 46 percent of citizens in West Vancouver has an income of over $100,000 yearly making it a very affluent community, filled with some of the wealthiest people from the entire country.

Along with this West Vancouver has been chosen as one of the best cities in the world for university students. West Vancouver was ranked 20th out of 30 very well known cities in the world as being the best cities for university students. This was due to having great part-time jobs in the area, and it's great accommodation. However, the fact that there were only two major universities in the city, it brought its spot down a little. However being 20th in the world, it is clearly one of the best choices for not only living here throughout your adulthood but as well as when you are a student.

However, a huge factor in a city you choose to live in is your children. Will they have an amazing life? And in West Vancouver, the answer is yes. West Vancouver’s district is School District 45, (SD45) and they are by far the best school district in all of British Columbia. SD45 is one of the highest-ranking school districts by far and is due to many reasons; SD45 was the first school district to welcome global students into their public schools. SD45 has one of the highest graduation rates in B.C. from 97-98 per cent of students getting their Dogwood diploma. SD45 has the highest scholarship rate out of any district in the province. More than 14 per cent of West Vancouver students are awarded government examination scholarships, with the provincial average being far less at 10 per cent. SD45 gives the best technology to its 17 schools, with 14 elementary schools and 3 high schools. SD45 students have scored the highest results in Grades 4 and 7 in BC’s Education’s FSA (Foundations Skills Assessment), since the beginning of the program. In all three of the test categories: reading and writing (in English), and mathematics. Over 95% of students in grades 4 to 7 have met or exceeded expectations on the government exams. The three secondary schools in SD45 are ranked #3, #4, and #13 out of 232 public schools. And SD45 has the highest percentage of students that take academic university entrance courses in any school district in the Vancouver area. With over 80% of these graduates going on to post-secondary education.

West Vancouver is truly a beautiful location, and it is not one to forget, it has stunning views, great mountain ranges, and of course, the pacific ocean right in front of us filled with tons of different beaches. However, some of these magnificent locations are being affected. And one of these are the streams that are located in West Vancouver, West Vancouver has 22 creeks and tributaries, 10 of which are inhabited by Salmon. However, a lot of people do things to them that endanger the wildlife in these creeks and tributaries. That's where West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society jumps in. Established in 2001, they are a non-profit that has one goal and it is to protect and sustain wild Pacific salmon stocks. With approximately 200 members they are doing an amazing job. One of the best things that they do is how they produce approximately 180,000 coho and chum fry each year, as they manage a fish hatchery, and they stock these in the local streams.

Along with fixing and helping to sustain the environment, West Vancouver also has a lot of people working at helping the world. This is done with rotary clubs, there are two rotary clubs in West Vancouver, West Vancouver Rotary Evening Club, and West Vancouver Rotary Sunrise Club. In West Vancouver Rotary Sunrise Club, their president is real estate agent Matt Gul, from 2019-2020. Rotary is a global organization with a very set goal of ending the disease Polio. And we have two clubs working very hard in West Vancouver to do so. And they are doing amazing jobs! At West Vancouver Rotary Sunrise Club, they have an annual “Rotary ride for Rescue” where many people come to meet and do a very long biking race for charity. In 2019, the Rotary Ride for Rescue ended up raising over $94,000! These two rotary clubs are putting in hard work for our city and for the world.

Another very cool part about West Vancouver is the Lions Gate Bridge, it is used every single day by thousands of people, as it is the main transportation from West Vancouver to Downtown Vancouver, however, it has a very interesting history! At first, the bridge was created in 1938 to provide access to the British Property lands of the Guinness brewing family. It even had tolls! However, down the road it's ownership was transferred to the Province in 1955. And 8 years later the tolls were removed in 1963. It’s very interesting to think about the fact that there used to be tolling for a bridge that is used by nearly everyone at least a couple of times a week! In 1998 after a long debate about its heritage value and capacity, it ended up getting restored. 

Everyone is aware of the ocean that surrounds West Vancouver, with thousands enjoying it every single slightly warm day. However, what do you do at the time of a marine emergency? That is when you contact RCM-SAR Station 1. RCM-SAR is the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue. RCM-SAR has 31 locations stationed all over the west coast. Station 1 is the RCM-SAR station that is located in Horseshoe Bay. The members of Station 1 are on call 24/7 365 days a year. Going from Howe Sound to English Bay. When you are in trouble on the water in West Vancouver and it is a serious matter, make sure to phone RCM-SAR Station 1 at - 1 800 567 5111 or Cellphone - #727 or VHF - Channel 16.

Overall West Vancouver is truly a marvelous city, with an extremely friendly community. It is truly one of the best cities in all of North America, let alone Canada. Being gorgeous, waterfront, surrounded with mountains, advanced technology, an amazing school system, and much more, this is truly one of the greatest places you can live.

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