Howe Sound

Howe Sound is a gorgeous area on the west coast of West Vancouver. Howe Sound is a body of water located between the lower mainland, and sunshine coast, Howe Sound has tons of islands, with the largests being Bowen Island and Gambier Island. 

There are many communities on the western coast of Howe Sound as well, such as Horseshoe Bay, Lions Bay, Britannia Beach, and Squamish. Along with these there is also Langdale, Gibsons, and Port Mellon located on the Sechelt Peninsula.

Howe Sound is a major Ferry Terminal occupier, with five BC Ferries terminals located in Howe Sound. They are located at Bowen Island, Langdale, Gambier Island, Keats Island, and Horseshoe Bay.

Howe Sound is an excellent area to kayak and paddle-board, However make sure to check the weather first! Howe Sound can pick up winds very easily on summer days, and it could be pretty hard to paddle when it's super windy! 
Howe Sound is an excellent location to set sail or boat on! It is really good especially to learn to sail due to the protected waters, and how it is quite an open area. Along with this you could easily swim at Howe Sound due to how many beaches there are! One great beach is at Porteau Cove Provincial Park. What is great about this is that during low tide the sun heats up the rocks on the beach, so when it becomes high tide the water at the beach is warm, at least compared to the rest of the nearby ocean.

At Howe Sound, there is a very nearby Marina, Sewell’s Marina in Horseshoe Bay. Sewell’s Marina has many amenities, if you would like you could rent a boat, and go fishing, sightseeing, or wildlife viewing. Another thing Sewell’s Marina is well known for is their Sea Safari! You can go out on a boat with your family, with a professional river who knows where they’re going, to show you the greatest parts of our local ocean! Sewell’s also has moorage for your boats if you become a member. Some interesting information about Sewell’s is that they have been in operation since the 1930s!

Along with this homes in the Howe Sound location have an excellent view and an amazing location! A great location is Seascape, Seascape has an amazing ocean and mountains view! 

Another great location in Howe Sound is Ansell Point, a marine diving spot! It is a very beautiful free diving location and is one of the most used by free divers in the area!

However, if you are in danger in Howe Sound make sure to call RCM-SAR-1, Royal Canadian Marine Search And Rescue-1, Is Station 1, out of 31 locations scattered over the west coast, however Station 1 responds to dangers in Howe Sound, with their members on call 24/7 365 days a year, they are the first place you call when you are in serious danger! make sure to phone RCMSAR Station 1 at - 1 800 567 5111 or Cellphone - #727 or VHF - Channel 16.

But along Howe Sound there is much more, there is fishing, camping, picnic areas, cliff jumping, and even rock climbing! Overall Howe Sound is truly an amazing location, with great views and many amenities for all types of people! 

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