Lions Bay

Lions Bay is a small village that is located slightly North of Horseshoe Bay. Lions Bay is named after the two mountains in the region, the Lions, also known as the Two Sisters, to the indigenous Coast Salish people. In 2017, Lions Bay had a residential property assessment of $1,672,518, which is among the highest averages in B.C.

Lions Bay is a beautiful place to live in with many amenities despite the small size! Lions Bay only has one school and it is kindergarten to grade three elementary school. Lions Bay Community School has a goal of enabling students to achieve their literacy, numeracy and social responsibility in a nurturing and stimulating environment. This is a great goal, and an excellent school for your kids to go to in their earlier years. 

Not only does Lions Bay have a school, but it also has many fantastic waterfront locations! A great well known beach is Kelvin Grove Beach & Marine Park, Kelvin Grove Beach is a fantastic location and compared to many of the other beaches in the 100 kilometer radius, it has very little people coming by in the summer! Kelvin Grove also has fantastic cliff jumping spots! Another great beach in Lions Bay is Lions Bay Beach Park, this spot is also a fantastic beach, it has a designated swimming location and is a great area to bring the kids for a swim, or even go to hangout with friends and family! Last but not least among the famous beaches in Lions Bay is Brunswick Beach, Brunswick Beach has a mesmerizing view that you just have to see! It is a very scenic location and definitely worth coming to!

Located beside the Lions Bay Beach Park is Lions Bay Marina, this is an excellent and the best choice to store your small to medium sized boats in the area. It is well known and used widely by the civilians of Lions Bay. At this Marina, they accept power boats that go up to 32 feet, they use the method of dry stacking; where your boat will be stored on land when you are not using it, but on a nice summer day it can easily be pulled out for you!

Lions Bay also has amazing trails, like Magnesia Creek Trail, which is an excellent choice for people who are willing to complete it, despite being slightly difficult many people say the views you receive at the end make it completely worth it! There is also Upper Harrison Trail, which is a marvelous hiking trail! 

Lions Bay also has a couple of locations over the area, Lions Bay General Store and Cafe is a very well known location for the locals, that serve tons of great food! There is Ray’s Boutique, an amazing spot for people looking for some great clothes! Pen Paws, a local toy store, Next Level Foods, a company about going to the next step of foods, where you think differently and eat differently, Lions Bay even has a Tennis Court! Lions Bay also has a fire department! Lions Bay Fire Rescue is there to save the day in time of need for the people in the area. There is also a bed & breakfast, QK Lions Bay, this is the best spot to go to if you're staying in the area.

Never forget about the great Sea-To-Sky highway! The Sea-To-Sky Highway is one of the most beautiful roads you will ever see in British Columbia, and the citizens of Lions Bay get to see this every day and trust me once you get on this highway once, you will fall in love with its view! The Sea-To-Sky highway is one of the greatest perks of living in this community!

In the end, Lions Bay is a great location to live, with an extremely friendly community and an excellent location. Please contact Matt Gul at 778-888-8888 or email him at if you are thinking of buying or selling properties in Lions Bay. 

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