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BC Assessments are estimated as of July 1st every year, and then your annual assessment notice is provided in January. The assessments are based on values determined on July 1 of 2023, and are compared to the same time period from the year before. It will announce your property's assessed value based on the market value that your property would have sold for in the previous July. The deadline to appeal your assessment is January 31, 2024.

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*Important Note* BC Assessment may not have information about recent property upgrades such as renovations unless the homeowner reports them.

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What is BC Assessment?

BC Assessment is a Crown corporation in British Columbia responsible for classifying and valuing all real property in the province. Every year, property owners receive a Property Assessment Notice from BC Assessment indicating the fair market value of their property as of July 1st of the prior year.

What does an assessment involve?

An assessment determines a property's market value, classification, and annual applicable exemptions. Property owners receive a BC Assessment Property Assessment Notice in early January with information about their property's value, class, and exemptions. This assessment serves as the basis for determining how much municipal and provincial property taxes owners will pay.

How is a property assessment made?

BC Assessment has a team of professional appraisers and a comprehensive database regularly updated with information collected through appraisal inspections. Municipal and provincial agencies provide BC Assessment information about land title changes, building permit approvals, and zoning adjustments. BC Assessment also considers a property's specific features, including location, size, layout, shape, age, finish, quality, carports, garages, sundecks, and condition of buildings.

BC Assessment considers a number of factors when determining the assessed value and property type of a property. These include the present use of the property, its location, the original and replacement costs, the revenue or rental value, the selling price of the land and improvements, and comparable land and improvements. BC Assessment also takes into account any economic or functional obsolescence. By considering these factors, BC Assessment is able to accurately assess the value and classification of each property in the province.

Why is the Assessment Notice mailed six months after the July 1 market value date?

BC Assessment's professional appraisers must review close to two million properties every year and this six-month period provides staff with the time they require to ensure the annual assessment roll is as fair and accurate as possible. Appraisers must analyze real estate transactions which can occur before and after the July 1 valuation date.

In the fall, appraisers also inspect new construction and development, verify the physical condition of each property as of the end of October and verify ownership through the Land Title and Survey Authority by November 30. Once this information is collected, appraisers complete the final assessment roll in early December. This work is audited for quality assurance and then notices are printed and mailed to all property owners on December 31 as required by the Assessment Act.

Key Dates | Residential Properties

January 31 — Property Assessment Review Panel (PARP) Deadline
All persons wishing to request an independent review before a PARP must file their written notice of complaint with the assessor by this date.

February 1 to​ March 15 — Property Assessment Review Panels (PARPs)
PARPs sit at various times throughout this period to review assessments and to hear and decide upon requests for reviews brought before them.

April 7 — PARP Decision Notices
PARP decision notices must be sent out before this date.

April 30 — Property Assessment Appeal Board (PAAB) Deadline
A person must file an appeal to PAAB by this date.  PAAB must promptly notify the assessor, affected municipalities and other parties about all appeals.

July 1 — Valuation Date
A property's assessment is based on its market value as of July 1.

August 31 - Strata and Leasehold Accommodation Properties
Reporting deadline for usage statistics to determine classification of strata accommodation properties and leasehold accommodation properties.

October 31 — Physical Condition and Permitted Use
The roll reflects the physical condition and permitted use (zoning) of property as of this date, except where substantial damage or destruction of the buildings occurs between October 31 and December 31.

November 30 — Land Title and Survey Authority Records
The assessor must use information contained in the records of the Land Title and Survey Authority as of November 30 for the creation of the Assessment Roll (ex. ownership and legal lots as of November 30th).

November 30 — Section 19(8) Application for Assessment Relief
Residential properties that have been owned and occupied continuously for 10 years by the present owner can be valued on the basis of their present residential use, although they may have a higher alternative use. Examples would be single-family dwellings on land that is sub-dividable or zoned for apartment or commercial use. Eligible owners must apply annually. All applications should be submitted by this date.​

Early-December — Input Cutoff Date
All data collected by the area office must be processed by this date to ensure it is included in the assessment roll.

December 31 — Changes in tax status, occupations of Crown property, location of manufactured homes or substantial damage or destruction before year-end

The roll reflects:

Changes in tax status (exempt or taxable) occurring up to December 31;
Changes in occupation of Crown property (Crown leases, licences, permits) occurring up to December 31;
Movement of manufactured homes up to December 31; and
Substantial damage or destruction to buildings or manufactured homes between October 31 and December 31.

December 31 — Assessment Rolls and Notices
Assessment rolls and notices mailed to property owners/agents.

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