Unique Stairs at 4011 Lions Avenue, Edgemont Village, North Vancouver

If you have been to 4011 Lions Avenue, Matt Gul, West Vancouver Realtor's listing, you might have wondered how the stairs are built in the home. 

Think of it like the 22m high steel art that is buried with the drywalls and marbles inside of your home, basically for the stairs the steel was built in the wall. 

The staircase has been engineered, and if potential clients are interested in seeing the engineered drawings, that is not a problem. Matt Gul will get them for you. The main idea is that there are 4" vertical beams going from the roof all the way down to the basement floor (see picture)

This is the exposed side of the beam in the basement, another beam like this is on the back wall.

Then these beams are connected with the horizontal beam, of which the metal fins were welded. (see picture)

Then the drywall was installed around these metal fins, which are welded to the structure hidden behind the wall, and then installed the stone around the metal.

It is a steel bone, and the stone just covers around the steps!

Here is Matt Gul's video of 4011 Lions Avenue:

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