Happy Chinese New Year 2024 | Year of the Dragon | Matt Gul

The Year of the Dragon in 2024 is associated with the element of Wood. The combination of the animal sign (Dragon) and the element (Wood) designates the year as the Year of the Wood Dragon. The Lunar New Year will begin on 10 February in 2024. This marks the start of the Year of the Wood Dragon.

How to Get Good Luck in the Year of the Dragon 2024? Chinese people believe that what you do at the beginning of a new year will affect your luck in the coming year. Staying up on Chinese New Year’s eve (February 9th, 2024) and saying good words to your family/friends like Happy New Year after the clock strikes 12 will certainly bring and forward good luck to everyone. 

Giving out red packets to kids and elders will help cast away the bad luck and bring good luck in.

Besides, decorating your house with kumquat trees (symbolizing wealth & good luck), wearing your lucky color (yellow, red), and eating lucky food like rice dumplings (family togetherness), fried flour-coated peanuts (vitality), walnut cookies (happiness), etc. are popular ways to get lucky.

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2024年龙年与木元素有关,生肖(龙)和五行(木)的组合指定这一年为木龙年。 2024年农历新年将于2月10日开始,这标志着木龙年的开始。

2024年龙年如何走好运?中国人相信新年伊始做一些活动会影响来年的运气: 除夕夜(2024年2月9日)守夜,在12点钟敲响后,向家人/朋友说声新年快乐之类的好话,肯定会带来好运! 



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