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1890 SW Marine Drive, Southlands, Vancouver, BC - $17,000,000

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1890 SW Marine Drive, Southlands, Vancouver, BC
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A great opportunity to purchase a great Southland Estate Home with the potential rezoning under the AFFORDABLE HOUSING CHOICES INTERIM REZONING POLICY in process. The potential to built up to 28 Townhouses.

Rezone the current RS-1 site to CD-1 to accommodate a 28 unit family oriented development with a density of 0.74 FSR. The proposal consists of 16 townhouse units, each with 3 bedroom and 12 garden suites, 5 with 2 bedrooms and 7 with 1 bedroom. 26 off street parking spaces are proposed 19 will be located in an underground parkade accessed on the east side of the lot from Marine Dr 

TOTAL SITE AREA 43215.24 Sq.ft. 4014.83 Sq.mt.
GARDEN LEVEL 6,734.00 sq.ft.
MAIN LEVEL 9,242.00 sq.ft.
SECOND LEVEL 9,242.00 sq.ft.
THIRD LEVEL 6,635.00 sq.ft.
TOTAL 31,853.00 sq.ft. 2959.24 Sq.mt. 

BACH/1BR - 7
2BR - 5 

3BR/4BR - 16

BACH/1BR - 7
2BR - 5
3BR/4BR - 16


Rendering of the proposal for the 28 townhouses at 1890 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC.

1890 SW Marine Drive

Matt, please tell us about what's happening at 1890 SW Marine Drive; my understanding is that this beautiful single-family house is being replaced with 28 townhouses. 

Yes, that is what's happening - the story behind it is that my client purchased 1890 SW Marine Drive in 2017 for $10,500,000 as their home. After that, their plan changed, and they decided to move to West Vancouver. They purchased a waterfront home from me and asked me to sell 1890 SW Marine Drive. At the time, I told them that it was not even possible to break even because they had just purchased the home. However, I did some research and came up with a plan - rezone the property under the affordable housing policy, and increase the property's value.

Matt, can you tell us about how you are building 28 townhouses in a RS-1 zoning at 1890 SW Marine? 

As we applied for rezoning under the affordable housing policy, we are building 28 townhouses to accommodate around 50 people instead of one family. The property will resemble a mansion from the outside, with strategic landscaping, the development of 1890 SW Marine will blend into the harmony of the existing neighbourhood.

Could you explain the affordable housing choices interim rezoning policy to us?

On October 3rd, 2012 - the City Council approved the Affordable Housing Choices Interim Rezoning Policy, which aims to encourage innovation and enable real examples of affordable housing types to be tested at potential broader applications that will provide ongoing housing opportunities. 

The policy allows for the consideration of rezoning proposals which will be evaluated on criteria in the following categories: Affordability, Location and Form of Development, and the Council has provided guidance on each of these criteria. Council initially established a maximum of 20 rezoning applications to be considered under this interim policy. 

On June 20th, 2018, Council removed the maximum cap of 20 rezoning applications to be considered under this policy. These changes are intended to be an interim measure to better meet the new Housing Vancouver targets for purpose-built rental housing – 20,000 units by 2027

Tell us about the process!

I started by hiring one of the most outstanding architectural companies, Stuart and Howard Architects Inc - the Principal, Neil Robertson, and Senior Project Manager, Ryan Martin. They have a fantastic team and experience regarding this policy. I also worked with an arborist and Fisheries and Oceans Canada regarding the watercourse that passes through the property. Several meetings took place with Vancouver City officials on sight, it has been a great experience, and it has been lots of fun working with all of these experts. 

Wow-what a great strategy; I am sure it is also great for the community! What is the current status of 1890 SW Marine? 

We applied for rezoning three years ago and completed our application on time - therefore, we are grandfathered in - this policy is no longer applicable to this area, so we are glad we took action when we did. The property value has already increased, and we currently have the property listed for $17,000,000. We are looking for an investor group to purchase and use the single-family house until they develop the townhouses.

Thank you, Matt. This is very impressive; we knew you as a waterfront specialist, now it looks like you have become a rezoning expert as well! 

Photos of the existed structure at 1890 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver.

Location of the property:

REZONING POLICY 政策下重新规划的Southland Estate物业. 可建立28个单位.

将当前的RS-1地点重新分区为CD-1,以容纳28单位系列的开发项目,密度为0.74 FSR.该建议包括16个相连排屋单位,每个单位有3间卧室. 12间花园套房,5个有2间卧室,7间为单人卧室。建议设置26个停车位,其中19个将会在地下停车场.

总FSR 0.74


所有单位: 28间

Matt, 请讲解关于1890 SW Marine Drive 的情况; 

是的,背后的故事是我的客户在2017年以$ 10,500,000的价格购买了1890 SW Marine Drive作为他们的家. 后来,他们改变计划,决定搬到西温哥华. 他们向我购买了西温哥华的海滨房屋,并要求我出售1890 SW Marine Drive.
当时,我告诉他们市场价格不好甚至可能会亏损. 但是,我进行了一些研究并提出了一个计划-在政府AFFORDABLE HOUSING CHOICES INTERIM REZONING POLICY 政策下重新规划,并增加物业的价值。

Matt, 您能告诉我们您如何在1890 SW Marine的RS-1分区中建造28间单位吗?

当我们根据政府AFFORDABLE HOUSING CHOICES INTERIM REZONING POLICY 政策下重新规划时,我们正在建造28间单位,可以容纳大约50人的物业而不是只容纳一个家庭的豪宅. 该物业的外观将会像附近的豪宅,并且规划美化环境,这个发展将与邻近1890 SW Marine 社区融为一体.

Could you explain the affordable housing choices interim rezoning policy to us?

2012年10月3日-市议会批准了“AFFORDABLE HOUSING CHOICES INTERIM REZONING POLICY”,该政策旨在鼓励创新方式,使更实惠的房类型的真实例子能够在可能提供更广泛住房机会的潜在性进行测试, 在最后将提供持续的住房机会.

该政策允许考虑重新分区提案,这些提案将根据以下类别的标准进行评估:负担能力,地点,发展形式, 政府理事会就这些标准提供了适当的指引. 政府理事会最初定立了最多20个重分区申请上限,以根据此临时政策进行审议。 

在2018年6月20日,政府理事会取消了20个重新分区申请的最大上限. 这些更改旨在作为临时措施, 以更好地满足温哥华房屋租赁专用住房的新目标–在2027年达到20,000套.

Tell us about the process!

我首先聘请了最杰出的建筑公司之一 Stuart and Howard Architects Inc - 的總建築師 - Neil Robertson 和高级工程经理 - Ryan Martin. 他们有一支很棒的团队,并且对此政策有丰富的经验. 我还和一个树木艺家 and Fisheries and Oceans
Canada 对关于穿过物业的河道进行工作. 也和温哥华市政府官员举行了几次会议和现场检查,这不只可以与所有专家一起工作,还是一次很有趣的经验.

哇-很棒的策略! 我相信这对附近社区也很棒!你能告诉我1890 SW Marine的当前状态么?

我们三年前申请重新分区,并按时完成了申请- 因此,我们的申请已是 GRANDFATHERED POLICY. 因为这项政策在该地区已不再接受新申请, 因此我们很高兴政府已经接受我们的申请.  该物业价值也已提升,目前我们列出的价格为
$ 17,000,000.00. 我们正在寻找投资商购买和使用物业,直到他们能够发展28单位.

谢谢你,Matt. 这是令人印象深刻的详尽解释。我们知道您是海滨物业专家,现在看来您也已成为分区物业专家!

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